If You Are Looking For Things To Do In Medellin, We'll Tell You What The Best Activities Are.

Possibly you are in the city of Medellin and do not know what to do, for this reason you are wondering what to do in Medellin? You will probably stay 1, 2 or maybe 3 days in the city, but you would like to know which are the best places to visit in Medellín. Don’t worry, here we will tell you the different plans and things to do in Medellín.

The city of Medellin has had a huge development over the years, its transformation has had such an important impact that in 2013 it was ranked as the most innovative city in the world, today it is one of the most touristic cities in Colombia, and tourism in Medellin is full of surprises.

Here  we are going to list  different things to do in Medellín. Read, learn and enjoy.





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Botero Square

Undoubtedly, Botero Square is one of the most visited places in the city of Medellin. Here you can appreciate the 23 sculptures donated by the master Fernando Botero.

The construction of the Botero Plaza required two stages. The first stage was inaugurated in 2000, then the second stage was inaugurated in 2001 with 23 sculptures that today is a landmark of Medellin.

Plaza Botero is near the Museum of Antioquia, the Palace of Culture, La Candelaria church (the first church in Medellin) and the church of La Veracruz.

FEE: There is no cost.

plaza botero de Medellin

Museum of Antioquia.

The Museum of Antioquia is a museum located in the center of Medellin, in front of Plaza Botero. It was the second museum inaugurated in Colombia and the first in the city of Medellín. Inside you will find sculptures, paintings, documents, archaeological objects, which total about 5,000.


– Nationals: $20,000 Colombian pesos

– Foreigners: $30,000 Colombian pesos

For students and seniors over 60 years of age there is a 50% discount regardless of country of origin.

visitar el Museo de antioquia

3. Rafael Uribe Uribe Palace of Culture

The Palace of Culture is a beautiful building with eclectic architecture, located next to Plaza Botero. It was named in honor of a Colombian leader who was important for his help in politics, the country’s economy and much more.

Here you will find art exhibitions, offices of the government of Antioquia that works in the area of culture, the history of the construction of this building, the history of Rafael Uribe Uribe, a fabulous viewpoint on the terrace of the building (if you go on a tour ask to go up to the viewpoint).

FEE: There is no cost.

Palacio de la cultura en Medellin

4. Arví Park.

The Arvi Park is a place for those who love nature and tranquility, often after so much noise and chores of the city is good to relax and ARVI PARK is the right place for this.

you can hike, have lunch in the area, take a bike tour and more.

To get there easily you must take the Metro and then the Acevedo Metro Cable, when you get to the Santo Domingo station you make a small transfer where you will get on another Metro cable that in 20 minutes and in the middle of nature will take you to the Park.

FEE: There is no cost (only the cost of transportation).

parque Arví Medellín

5. Explora Park.

The focus of PARQUE EXPLORA is science and technology. You will find aquariums, interactive centers (about 300), temporary thematic exhibitions, children’s room. It was inaugurated in 2007. You can enjoy this place alone or with a good company.

FEE: $28,000 Colombian pesos.

Open 8:30 a.m. and closed at 5:30 p.m. on weekdays (except Mondays) and weekends from 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

parque científico explora

6. Casa De La Memoria Museum

If you like history, this is one of the best places to learn about the history of the city of Medellín. This museum is responsible for disseminating this complicated past of the city, to lead to reflection to every person, a reflection that leads us to recognize that positive changes in a city are possible. The Museum of Southern Memory was created in 2006.

FEE: Free admission.

que hacer en medellin

7. Las Luces Park.

Parque de las Luces or Plaza Cisneros, this beautiful place is located in the center of the city of Medellin, in front of the administrative center La Alpujarra and where the Vasquez and Carré buildings and the EPM library are also located.

This is a 2002 project for the transformation of the city of Medellin, here we will find 300 towers that illuminate at night.

FEE: Free admission.

que hacer en medellin ven al parque de las luces

Botanical Garden.

The Botanical Garden of Medellin is located in the north of the city, and is one of the lungs of the city. We will find more than a thousand species of animals, a lake and a large expanse of vegetation. One of the animals that you will see the most are the iguanas, which walk as if nothing in the middle of the people. This site was created in April 1972.

FEE: Free admission.

jardín botánico de medellin

9. Metrocable.

This is a means of public transportation in the city of Medellín, which is used by thousands and thousands of people in the city every day. It has 5 lines (routes or routes in the city). This means of transportation was inaugurated in August 2004.

the lines are: San Javier (Line j), Acevedo (Linea K), Arvi Park (line L), Miraflores (line M), Picacho (line P).

The view you will have on each of the lines is very pleasant, day or night.

metro cable de medellin

10. Pueblito Paisa

It is a small place located at the top of the Nutibara hill. We will see a replica of what used to be (in some places still is) a village in Antioquia. In the middle of nature you will be able to enjoy the Antioquian culture and enjoy the viewpoints that are in the Pueblito Paisa, where you can see the north, south, east and west park of the city.

FEE: Free admission.

la cultura paisa

11. San Pedro Cemetery Museum

It is a national monument that was built in 1842. It is undoubtedly the most historic cemetery in the city, where you will see the tombs of great characters that marked the history of Medellin and Colombia. Characters such as: Francisco Antonio Zea, Pedro Nel Ospina, Coreolado Amador.

This is one more place to learn about the history of Medellín.

FEE: Free admission.

cementerio mas viejo de medellin

12. Tour Comuna 13.

Undoubtedly the COMUNA 13 is the most visited and touristic place in Medellin, a place decorated with Graffiti, where you will enjoy art in its maximum splendor, but where you will also learn about a past of the COMUNA 13 that made this commune the most dangerous of Medellin, but that through culture, art and social works has been able to move forward. It is 100% recommended.

RATES: Tours can average from $45,000 to $180,000 Colombian pesos.

graffiti tour comuna 13 Medellín

13. ATV Tour

Medellin is a city surrounded by mountains and a lot of vegetation which makes the practice of ATVs something spectacular. This can be found on the outskirts of the city of Medellin, and the best way to do this is to find a tour company so that you can have transportation and be picked up at the hotel. You will enjoy nature and an extreme tour.

RATES: Tours can average between $290,000 and $390,000 Colombian pesos.

14. El Castillo Museum

El Castillo Museum is a place located in the village, it is a fabulous place where you can rest and take beautiful pictures. Also inside the house you will see items that were in the time of the original owners of this castle and learn about the catastrophic history of this family.

FARE: adults $15.000 and children $9.000 Colombian pesos.

museo el castillo en medellin

15. Palacio Nacional Shopping Mall

This is a building with a very interesting structure, located in the center of Medellín where all the commercial area is located. Prior to its construction in 1933, this was the site of the barons’ prison. There were 88 offices at this location to handle the mails.

Since 1988 it has been part of Colombia’s historical heritage and later converted into a shopping mall.

FEE: Free admission.

palacio nacional

16. Towns Near Medellin

In this space we will only mention some of the towns to visit near Medellin, as we will deal with them in other articles.

Do you already know what to do in Medellín?

So the answer to the question “What to do in Medellín? is very easy, just read this article and you will realize that there are many things to do and see in Medellin. Come and enjoy tourism in Medellín.

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