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Medellín was officially founded on March 2, 1616. The first name that Medellín had as a city was San Lorenzo de Aburrá. It is the Colombian city with the largest number of standing sculptures. Without exaggeration, Medellín ‘s climate is the best in the world. Not for nothing is it called the city of eternal spring.

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The Plaza Botero is home to the world’s largest permanent collection of works by Fernando Botero. It was the artist himself who donated them to the city. You will learn all this and much more in this Real City Tour Medellín.

Medellin is one of the cities that touristically has much to offer, this is because in recent years the beautiful city of Medellin has had many changes and transformations, as in the cultural, economic, gastronomic, educational and tourism.

The city attracts attention for the development of works that make it inclusive. The Metro, the Metro Cables, the Metroplus, the Tramway, the bike paths, the escalators and the cultural centers also welcome tourists who come to Medellín and enjoy this beautiful city…

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Here you will find the best tours around the city of Medellín. Come and enjoy the history of Medellín with the Walking Tour Medellín or a private tour (with transportation). In the Medellin City tour you will enjoy this city catalogued as a city of transformation, change and the most innovative city in the world, the city of eternal spring, the city that will captivate and surprise you like never before.

Enjoy our tours, for example: City Tour Medellín, Comuna 13 Graffiti Tour, Coffee Tour, Tour Hacienda Nápoles, Tour Guatapé, Tour Cuatrimotos Medellín.

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