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Comuna 13 Tour Medellín and the different Tours in Medellín you will enjoy with us. Come and witness the impactful processes of transformation through art, culture, science and technology.

First of all, you will enjoy the best sightseeing plans in Medellín.

Because they will fill you with enthusiasm, knowledge and having the best experiences in the city with one of the best tour agencies in Medellín.

Graffiti Tour Comuna 13


  • Do you want to have the best experience of commune 13?
  • Do you want to take the tour with the best guide of the comuna 13 and Medellín?
  • Would you like to be completely sure?
  • Would you like a 100% secure reservation?
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Come and learn about the transformation process of Comuna 13 and dare to enjoy and learn about this story that will impact you.

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Tour the city of Medellín, meet its people and feel at home. Then, you need to enjoy the best Tours in MEDELLÍN, the city of the Eternal Spring.

graffiti tour comuna 13
Tour Comuna 13 Medellín

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Here you will discover that Medellín is one of the best tourist options, because in recent years the Paisa capital has stood out for its social, economic, cultural and educational development, gastronomy and tourism. In addition, the beauty and culture of the city of Medellín you will fall in love with it.

The beautiful city of the paisas attracts attention for different development works, for example, the bicycle routes, the museums, the Metro and Metro Cable, the Metro plus, the Tramway, the escalators of the Comuna 13 where it is performed the graffiti tour or the tour comuna 13, and many more places of culture and art.

Here we welcome travelers who come to the city to visit or take tours in the city of Medellín and its surroundings. Therefore, with COMUNA 13 TOUR ENGLISH IN MEDELLÍN. 

You will get to know and experience the best tours in Medellín Colombia and the best places for tourism in Medellín. For example, The City tour Medellin, Graffiti Tour (Graffitour), Guatapé and Peñol TourCoffee Tour Medellín, among other wonderful places in Medellín.

Celebrities Who Have Visited the Comuna 13 Graffiti Tour.

Some of the celebrities who have visited commune 13 are:

  • Maluma.
  • Luisito Communicates.
  • Alan around the world.
  • Alejandra Azcarate.
  • J Balvin.
  • Juanes.
  • Karon G.
  • Andy Rivera.
  • La Liendra.
  • Manu Bennett (Spartacus actor).
  • Bomby.
  • Juanes.
  • Nicky Jam.
  • Game of Thrones actors.
  • Daniela Ospina.
  • Michael Douglas.
graffiti tour comuna 13

How to make the Graffiti Tour Comuna 13?

To make the Graffiti tour commune 13 is only communicate with the company via WhatsApp so you have all the information of the tour. Our advisors will give you all the information about the meeting point and the name of the guide and a photograph so that you can easily recognize him/her when you arrive at the meeting point.

Graffiti Tour Comuna 13 How to get there?

You can arrive by Metro, Uber, Taxi or your own car from anywhere in Medellín. The important thing is to contact the company so that they can give you the exact meeting point and the name of the guide and a photo so that you can easily recognize him/her when you arrive at the meeting point.

Is it dangerous to go to Comuna 13?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by visitors and it is logical, since some decades ago commune 13 became very dangerous. But now you can do the tour with full confidence as commune 13 is not dangerous and you can book the tour for your friends and family, because it is a great sightseeing tour for all kinds of people.

graffiti tour comuna 13 Medellín

Graffiti Tours in Comuna 13.

Come and enjoy with us the transformation that COMUNA 13 and the city of Medellín have undergone. Undoubtedly, a transformation that shows the resilience of the paisas, that regardless of their past, it is possible to move forward.

The city of Medellín had a very complicated past, as its violence was so great that it became the most dangerous city in the world. But now it is a place of social transformation and an innovative city, it is undoubtedly one of the cities that everyone wants to know.

One of the best tours you will experience here in the Comuna 13 of Medellin. Come and enjoy an experience full of Culture, Art, Life, Love, Transformation and History. Departures every day of the year. Remember that SPACES ARE LIMITED.

Reservations must be made in advance and spaces must be reserved.

History of Comuna 13.

The Commune 13 is one of the 16 communes found in the city of Medellín, which began to be populated in the 30s and 40s, and where there were a large number of people who in the 70s arrived fleeing the violence of different sectors of the city. Colombia as is the Urabá Antioqueño.

This commune became one of the most dangerous in the country, since the armed groups that existed in the sector were very strong and totally controlled this territory, groups such as: FARC, ELN, PARAMILITARES, CAP. Groups that terrorize and caused this commune to have great combats and much suffering.

Suffering that occurs through the conflicts between these same groups, their recruitments, assassinations, extortions, kidnappings and finally the military operations, in which many injustices were committed, where there were dead, disappeared and people in jail being innocent.

But the COMUNA 13 continued to move forward and through the social work of different groups such as AMI (association of the women of the independences), the Berracas, artistic groups such as Casa Colacho, or artists that we can mention by name such as Chota 13, George Art, and others.

This commune with about 160,000 inhabitants became the most touristic sector of Medellín and an international reference of Colombia. Here you can come and enjoy the Comuna 13 Graffiti Tour with your family and live an unforgettable experience, full of history and street culture.

graffiti tour comuna 13

Operation Orion Comuna 13.

turismo en Medellín Operación Orión

Before talking about OPERATION ORION, we must remember a little of the history of the Comuna 13 sector of Medellin. Violence in the city of Medellín grew in the 1980s, with guerrillas, paramilitaries and cartels terrorizing the city through violent acts.

The greatest legacy of drug trafficking was the violence it left in many of Medellín’s neighborhoods, where many young people wanted easy money and to feel they could conquer the world through violence.

The absence of the Colombian state in sectors such as COMUNA 13 led to the creation and strengthening of groups such as criminal combos, different types of criminal gangs, urban militias and paramilitaries. Groups that were increasingly gaining strength in the urban sector.

Inhabitants of COMUNA 13 narrate how the guerrillas arrived in the territory, they say that these groups entered from the hills of San Cristóbal, this happened starting in the 90s.

Groups such as FARC (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia) and ELN (Army De Liberación Nacional) were those that entered and made their presence felt in this territory.

Subsequently, a guerrilla group was created in the same commune called CAP (Comandos Armados Del Pueblo). Things were not going well, but when another group arrived, the paramilitaries, life in the territory became much worse. All this brought death, kidnapping, extortion, fear and massive displacement.

After the year 2000 everything started to get worse for the community, violence was much more common, and Express Kidnappings began to be seen. This type of kidnapping was one of the major strategies of the guerrillas to raise money for the war.

Because of all that was happening, there were 24 military operations in the sector between 1998 and 2002, including Mariscar and Antorcha.

The objective of these operations was to have a state presence in the territory and to try to combat (eliminate) the guerrilla groups that were in the sector.

operación orión Medellín

Who led the Operation in Comuna 13?

Operation Orion was directed by Mario Montoya, who at the time was a general (now retired) of the IV Army Brigade. In addition, Montoya was assisted by retired general Leonardo Gallego Castrillón, head of the Metropolitan Police of the city of Medellín.

These two men were accused by different testimonies of their excessive force in the midst of the operation, which ended in the disappearance or deaths of innocent people.

It is known that Don Berna, former paramilitary paramilitary leader now imprisoned in the United States, is known to have spoken about these two former generals. He claimed that Operation Orion was carried out in connection with members of the paramilitary force.

What are the days of the Comuna 13 Tour in English?

The Graffiti tour comuna 13 of Medellín or Tour Calle 13 takes place every day of the week from Monday to Sunday. The important thing is to make a reservation for the tour in order to have a separate and insured SPACE.

The duration of the tour is approximately 3 hours.

What is there to do in Comuna 13?

  1. The Famous Escalators of Commune 13.
  2. Viewpoints of the Media Ladera Viaduct.
  3. Galleries of Artists of commune 13.
  4. UVA.
  5. Metro and Metro Cable.
  6. Museum of commune 13.
  7. San Javier Library.
  8. Cemetery of the America.
  9. The Water screen.
  10. Cultural Houses.
  11. This and much more can be done in commune 13.
  12. Remember that not all the places described are visited in the Graffitour.

Curious facts about Comuna 13 and Medellín.

  • The beautiful city of Medellín was founded in 1616.
  • In Medellín there are 16 communes in total.
  • Medellín had several names, such as: San Lorenzo de Ana, Aburrá de los Yamesíes, Valle de San Bartolomé de los Alcázares, Villa de la Candelaria de Medellín.
  • The city of eternal spring (Medellín) is one of the cities with the best climate in the world.
  • With around 1800 calories, bandeja paisa is the typical dish of the city of Medellin.
  • Among the cities of Colombia, it is the one with the highest number of outdoor sculptures.
  • The name of Comuna 13 is San Javier.
  • In this beautiful community we have the first and only Escalator Public and outdoors in Colombia.
  • The last military operation in Comuna 13 was OPERATION ORION.

Graffiti Tour Schedule Comuna 13

The tour runs every day of the year, unless there are curfews due to the pandemic. The schedules are:


  • 10:00 am
  • 2:00 pm
  • 4:00 pm


  • 10:00 am
  • 2:00 pm


  • 9:00 am
  • 2:00 pm

If you need to take the tour at a different time you can write us to schedule the tour at a time that is easier for you.

NOTE: All tours must be booked in advance to be able to reserve spaces and schedule guides.

Comuna 13 Tour in English


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In order to know history and not repeat it, we have designed a tour where we will show you some representative places in this history and you will learn about the life of the world's largest drug trafficker.

Private tours every day and we pick you up at the hotel.

City Tour Medellín.

Knowing the history of the city of Medellin told by a Paisa is something special.

For this reason we invite you to take the City Tour Medellin, So you can see how the city has been transformed over time .

After being the most dangerous city in the world, and a city full of fear, we can see today a city that every day is transformed and shows that if you can get ahead and get to have recognition, such as "being the most innovative city in the world. Departures every day for tours in Medellín.

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In the Hacienda Nápoles Theme Park we can see the Hippo Park, African Museum, Monkey Island, the Sanctuary of Fauna and Flora, also the Jurassic Park, Biolandia "Park of Knowledge", a large number of animals that make this place one of the best parks in Latin America.

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Let yourself be amazed by a fabulous view of Medellín from the air. without a doubt, you will always remember this sightseeing tour.

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Moreover, although COMUNA 13 was a place where the guerrillas ruled and
terror and fear, and violence was part of everyday life, children and adults suffered from violent attacks.

But now it is a place where art and culture shine in the community of the neighborhoods where it is located. conduct tours and for which thousands of people visit us and are part of the transformation through tourism and the so-called Graffiti Tour Comuna 13 Medellín tours. In conclusion, tt is all a sign of a resilient culture..

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Medellín Colombia


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To talk a little about the history of Medellín we must talk about the discovery of the Aburrá Valley. This was in the year 1541, due to the expedition that was being made by Jerónimo Luis Téjelo and directed by Marshal Jorge Robledo. Although there were already inhabitants in that sector, such as indigenous groups.

These indigenous groups were subjugated, and some of them were enslaved, others fled and others committed suicide in order not to be enslaved. Much later, in the year 1616, the Town of San Lorenzo de Aburrá precisely where today is located the Poblado This was given as a shelter for about 80 indigenous people who finally mixed with the Spaniards and began the growth of the small village that was being formed.

In 1675, the official foundation of the town of Our Lady of Candelaria of Medellín took place.

Over time Medellín became the capital of Antioquia, since it had Santa Fe de Antioquia, and began to have economic importance with the construction of highways, tramway, train: which helped to make Medellin a city with good access and where commerce began to have an important place.

Medellín had a period in the 80’s and 90’s of violence where it was catalogued as the most dangerous city in the world and where fear filled the minds of the Pisas.

But the inhabitants of Medellín have been able to cope with this season and amidst the desire to move forward and leave that absurd violence in the past, it has now become the second most important city in Colombia. Colombia and one of the most touristic, with friendly people, full of charisma and a lot of entrepreneurship. For all this and much more you will find the best Tours in Medellín.

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Comuna 13 Graffiti Tour or Calle 13 Tour.

Dare to live and enjoy the best transformation tourism in the world in the city of Medellin. For example, an experience of museums, culture and graffiti of the comuna 13 in the graffiti tour, which will take you to recognize one of the most fascinating cities in Colombia.

Therefore, each one of our tours will exceed your expectations in terms of infrastructure, paisa culture and history. In short, our MEDELLÍN TOUR AGENCY will make you enjoy like never before with the “Graffiti tour comuna 13” or any other tour of the city.


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TOUR COMUNA 13 MEDELLÍN supports the work of UNICEF and rejects the exploitation, sexual abuse or sexual tourism of children and adolescents, and pornography. In addition, this contributes to compliance with Colombian law 679 of 2001. 

Likewise, we do not support the illegal trade of flora and fauna (Law 17 of 1981 – Law 1333 of 2009), nor the transport, commercialization and consumption of illicit drugs. However, the costs of the different tours offered by our TOURS AGENCY COMUNA 13 may change without notice. In addition, for the different services, conditions and restrictions apply to their rates. Also, TOUR COMUNA 13 rejects the illegal trade of Colombian cultural property.


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