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Tour to Arví Park in Medellín by Subway

Before arriving at the Arví park and Metrocable tourIt is good to know that in this sector there were pre-Hispanic settlements, but some time later with the discovery of the entire Aburrá Valley by Marshal Jorge Robledo, this wonderful place was also discovered by the Spaniards, but over the years it was forgotten, as Rionegro and the city of Medellín played more important roles in its growth.

But a few years ago the Arví Park was made more easily accessible through the metro cable line L, which was inaugurated in 2010, and has become one of the most popular places and also one of the great natural parks of the country thanks to the work of different companies.

The Arví Park has 16,000 hectares and some 54 kilometers of trails, and its fauna is extremely large. Which makes it fascinating for many people who visit this place.

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For this sightseeing tour you will visit the modern Medellín subway system, which was founded in the year 1995. In this tour we will see the metro, metro cable or cable car as foreigners know it, streetcar and enjoy a quiet moment in the Arví park, which is on the outskirts of the city of Medellín.

Enjoy the city of Medellín and the nature that can only be appreciated in the Arví Park.

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Arví Park Tour, Metro and Metrocable.

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The Arví Park and Metro Cable Tour includes:

  • Guide in English or Spanish (if in English you must request it in advance).
  • Metro line A.
  • Tramway.
  • Metrocable Santo Domingo.

  • Metrocable
    Arví Park.
  • Arví Park (short route)
  • All tickets are included in the tour.
  • Tourist Insurance.

Meeting Points of the Metro Tour and Arví Park:

  • Stadium subway station.
  • Poblado subway station.

Cost of the Arví Park Tour:

The cost of the Arví park and metro cable tour is only $175.000 Colombian pesos per person.

Duration of the Tour:

The tour lasts approximately 4 hours.

Reservations WhatsApp: +57 3508776275

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Reservations WhatsApp: +57 3508776275