Medellin Christmas Tour or Medellin Lights Tour

Illuminated Tour: The lights that everyone loves.

Medellin Christmas Tour is one of the most performed tours in the December season by people from all over the world. Statistics say that about 4 million people visit Medellín to enjoy this enchanting attraction that fills all tourists with curiosity and happiness.

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Christmas Tour in the city of Medellín 2024.

The Christmas lights in Medellín are an icon in the city of eternal spring, where the night is illuminated in a striking way.

Without a doubt, if you are in the city of Medellín in the month of December and January you should take this beautiful tourist tour that will last approximately 3 and a half hours. Where you can take beautiful photos and make the best videos for your social networks.


Since 1951 we can say that the tradition of Christmas lights began in Medellín. Some private companies were part of the contributions for the realization of this Christmas event.

Since 1955, Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM) began to take seriously the contribution to this tradition, but in 1967 is when it definitively took responsibility for the construction, design, assembly and also the costs involved in this mega Christmas construction.

This is how the Christmas lighting has been carried out in Medellín every year, where there are millions of bulbs placed by EPM, for the enjoyment of visitors and the beauty of Medellín.

National Geographic named the Christmas Lighting of the city of Medellín one of the best and beautiful in the world in 2012.


For this year of 2024, it has been announced by EPM and the Medellín mayor’s office that the theme of this Christmas will be the children’s film Encanto, by Disney.

On behalf of the Medellín mayor’s office, it has been said that the total investment for this entire project will be about 25,000 million pesos. An agreement of 890 million Colombian pesos was reached with Disney to use the characters in the film. This will feature:

  • 32,000 figures
  • 750 kilometers of LED hose
  • 10 million light bulbs
  • 210 tons of iron
  • 150 LED projectors
  • 400 LED tubes.
  • Much, much more.
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Group Light Tour, Includes:

  • Transportation from the meeting point.
  • Group Transportation (Can be in Chiva or the Bus, this depends on availability)
  • La Playa Avenue (panoramic)
  • North Park.
  • River Parks.
  • A municipality near Medellín.
  • Tourist Insurance.
  • We drop you off at the meeting point at the end.



  • 6:00 PM
  • 7:30 PM

Private Lights Tour, Includes:

  • We pick you up at the hotel.
  • Totally private transportation.
  • Hike in river parks.
  • Visit and Walk through the municipality of Sabaneta.
  • Visit the municipality of Envigado (Panoramic)
  • Tourist Insurance.
  • At the end of the tour we leave you at the hotel.


Established with the tourist.

You will love this tour in Medellin without a doubt, come and enjoy a great paisa experience in the city of Medellin.

NOTE: The tour must be booked in advance, as places run out very quickly.

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Reservations for the Christmas tour in Medellin.

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NOTE: The tour must be booked in advance, as places run out very quickly.

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