Silletero Tour in Finca Silletera

In the Santa Elena silletero tour we have one of the best experiences in a silletero farm. Here you will learn about the history of the silleteros, the process to make the silletas, the types of silletas that exist and enjoy one of the best paisas cultures that have survived the passage of time.

Do not stay behind to take this tour from the city of Medellin.


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If you are looking for an authentic and unique way to immerse yourself in the Paisa culture, look no further than our Silleteros tour at a farm in Santa Elena.

With this tour, we will take you to a traditional farm where you can witness the incredible art of the silletero, which dates back more than a century in the history of the region. You will see how local artisans build beautiful wooden structures covered with live flowers and how they carry these structures on their backs to carry them in Medellín’s annual flower parade.

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Flower Fair
is a festival held in the city of Medellin every year in August. This is Medellín’s most emblematic festival, where PAISA’s culture and history are shown in every event. This event attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world to Medellin to enjoy each of the fair’s activities.

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silleteros feria de flores

A Little History Of The Flower Fair.

The first celebration of the
Flower Fair
was on May 1, 1957 in the city of Medellín. The initiative for this activity was taken by
Arturo Uribe Arango,
an Antioquian who was a member of the office that promoted tourism in the city. This year a flower exhibition was held at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Medellín. At that time, 40 silleteros from Santa Elena (a township east of Medellín) participated. Since 1968 the fair has been held in August.

The first fair lasted 5 days, and in reality was not as organized or fantastic as it is today, but it was a great start for Medellin’s most important fair, which to this day is awaited every year by locals and visitors alike.

los silleteros de la feria de flores

The Flower Fair Today.

Today, some 500 silleteros participated in this festivity, winning awards and prizes for the winning silletas. The planting of the flowers starts in February, so that the different varieties of flowers can be in bloom by August. The family of the silleteros are the ones who dedicate time to the elaboration of the silletas. The day of the parade they leave at about 4:00 a.m. but neither the time nor the fatigue is an impediment to the spirit that the silletero parade causes. Silletas can weigh 70 kilos and even more.

It should be clarified that not all the events held in the
Flower Fair
have to do with flowers. In this festival we find, for example: the parade of silleteros, the parade of antique cars, the tabladas, trova fair, gastronomic events, and much more. The date of the event is August 2-11. This festival is a cultural heritage of Antioquia and Colombia. For this reason, one of the most popular tours in August is the Santa Elena silletero tour, which takes place in a silletero farm.

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Types of saddles.

The saddles are objects made of wood that are placed on the back. of the silletero with a huge amount of flowers. In the past, the silletas were used to carry some people (generally wealthy people) to facilitate their journey through the mountains. Later the silleteros used them to take the flowers from Santa Elena or other regions to Medellín to sell them. Here we will show you the different
types of silletas
you will learn about on the tour of the farm in Santa Elena.

  • La Silleta Monumental: this silleta is the most colorful, the most colorful and the largest. It can measure 2×2 m. The design can be very varied and comes from the silletero’s mind. The flowers are placed in bouquets of at least four varieties of flowers. There is certainly no limit to the inspiration for the construction of this chair.
  • Emblematic Silhouette: this uses religious, patriotic, educational symbols or portraits of important people. Its flowers are glued or nailed so that the cardboard where they are placed is not visible. This type of silleta began in the 80’s with Jaime Atehortúa, one of the most recognized silleteros.
  • The Traditional Silleta: continues with the same design of the old chairs, which the silleteros used in the past when they went to Medellín. In this silleta we see a large number of flowers (up to 100), which are traditional in the silleteros. The size of this chair is 90×80 cm.
  • Commercial Silleta: these are sponsored or commissioned by a company that wants its logo or image to be seen in the parade.
carros antiguos en la feria de flores

In addition to witnessing this impressive art, you will also have the opportunity to learn more about the Paisa culture and explore the beautiful farm where the silleteros’ workshop is located. You will be able to enjoy the natural scenery of the surrounding mountains.

Our tour is designed to be informative, entertaining and educational, perfect for those who want to experience the true essence of Paisa culture. So if you are looking for a unique and exciting way to explore the region, be sure to book our Silleteros tour in a Santa Elena farm.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the paisa culture with us and reserve your place now!


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